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Welcome to Hypno-Chemo Hampshire; with clinics in both Portsmouth and Waterlooville. Discovering “you have cancer” is something that everybody dreads. So, if a cancer diagnosis has left you emotionally traumatised and unable to cope then I would like you to know help is at hand at the Hampshire Hypno-Chemo Clinic. It's our aim to give cancer sufferers the strength and courage they need to face their condition and to be in the best psychological place they can be to deal with their treatment, recovery and life post cancer!

Today, cancer is a condition which tends to be treated purely from a medical stand point with very little emphasis being placed on the mental trauma which often accompanies diagnosis and treatment. Cancer sufferers and even their families can often feel isolated and unsure of what lays ahead.

WHAT does cancer treatment envolve?


As a Hypno-Chemo cancer care practitioner I'm here to offer sufferers and their families a caring professional service, to help them through every stage of their illness. I use various techniques to do this, among them, hypnosis, CBT and lots of positive visualisation.

The idea that thinking positively can affect how well we recover from illness might at first seem like wishful thinking when confronted with an illness such as cancer. However, it has been shown that a positive mind set coupled with a healthy lifestyle can aid a cancer sufferers recovery. Hypnotherapy and psotive visualisation combined in the Hypno-Chemo treatment can help reduce perception of pain and reduce the negative side effectives that sometimes accompany modern cancer treatment. At the Hampshire Hypno-Chemo clinic we aim to instil a "Positive Expectancy" and a "Motivation to Mend" in every client no matter what stage of their illness they may find themself.

The Hypno-Chemo treatment has been designed with modern cancer treatment in mind. It's there to aid the cancer sufferer through their journey, helping them take a more active role in their recovery, instead of just hoping and praying that the "medicine" works! Hypno Chemo isn’t meant to be a replacement for traditional cancer treatment, it isn’t an alternative therapy but a complementary one!

If you would like to find out more, we offer a free consultation in either of our Portsmouth or Waterlooville cancer Hypnosis clinics.

CANCER Hypnosis for Portsmouth and Waterlooville.

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